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LocaJot enables you to create private notes for all your favorite venues, including your foursquare® Check-in™ venues. Notes are stored on your iPod/iPhone/iPad; NOT a server. No registration required.

Ever have trouble remembering the name of a contact or someone you've met at a place you visited? LocaJot has location-based notes to solve that problem.

Headed to a certain part of town and want to choose a restaurant from those you liked in the area? LocaJot maps your notes, and makes it quick and easy to pick.

Going out tonight and want to make sure you remember what to bring? LocaJot lets you zoom to a location and view those useful notes for each venue.

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For ideas on how to use LocaJot and other helpful tips, check out LocaJot's blog fairly regularly and stay in the know on how to be a LocaJot pro.

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